Eezi Assist

… you simply press the assigned button … 
  • Simply register yourself and any family members’ mobile numbers by clicking the register for Eezi Assist link below.
  • An activation SMS will be sent to you, which you need to load to an assigned button on your mobile phone.
  • Should you be involved in a vehicle collision, vehicle breakdown, medical emergency or need any other assistance, simply press the assigned button for 2 seconds and the Contact Centre will locate the area you are in and know that you require assistance.
  • The Contact Centre will call you and provide any service or assistance you require, in accordance with your policy.
  • Unlike similar products in the market, Eezi Assist offers the above service to your direct family members at no additional cost.


  • The mobile phone needs to have airtime loaded.
  • The mobile phone must have been registered.
  • If you do not have internet access and wish to register or need assistance please call us on 0860 747 247

Registering for SIS Eezi Assist

  • Click the “Register for Eezi Assist” link below.
  • Complete the registration form and “click” submit.
  • Once your registration is successful you will receive a welcome email which will include your username and password as well as other helpful information relating to SIS ASSIST.
  • You will also receive a SMS that needs to be loaded onto your mobile phone as a speed dial to activate the Eezi Assist Button.

If you need assistance please call us on 0860 747 247.

Register for Eezi Assist