Our System

Strategic Insurance System

  • Our software has been developed for over fifteen years, with brokers needs in mind.
  • Our Brokers own and manage their entire client’s database – there is no data duplication on our side.
  • The system is Web based i.e. it can be accessed from anywhere.
  • It is a comprehensive operating system, through which all administration of policies, claims and payouts can be easily and effectively managed.
  • Additional/new Insurers can be added to the system and their data can also be effectively maintained.
  • It is a Comprehensive Policy Management System which includes Commercial, Sectional Title and Personal Lines all in one system.
  • The system offers the ability to attach additional electronic documentation (e.g. pdf’s) to individual claims / policies and client’s files, where it is stored for future reference.
  • As we store all client data, our Brokers do not need to invest in data storage (computer hard drives / filing, etc.) thus lowering their cost of operation and assisting in business continuity.
  • We offer full training on the system, initially for free and thereafter, at a nominal fee.